The Lockerbie, like many of today's potters, was conceived in the 60's.
You will find the original, earth friendly, Lockerbie design
just as groovy today.

Lockerbie News
Lockerbie Kick Wheel Care Instructions now available! Contains kick wheel lubrication and seat adjustment information.

manufactured and guaranteed by
Laguna Clay Company
Ohio, California and Florida
Lockerbie "K" Kick Wheelwww.axner.comLockerbie "EK" Kick Wheels
Lockerbie Motor Conversion Kitwww.evansceramics.comLockerbie Bottom Bearing
Lockerbie Top Bearing Part www.marjonceramics.comLockerbie Motor 1/3 hp, 110 V
Lockerbie Wood Seat PartLockerbie Table Top (Aluminum)
Lockerbie Concrete Flywheel