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Accessories and Additives for Casting Slips

Product Description
Porcelain Prop
Porcelain Prop may be used to support pieces in firing which, because of design, may require support to prevent distortion. Simply pack the Porcelain Prop tightly under appendages or areas which may collapse or warp. Porcelain Prop is a ceramic fiber product. It can be fired to Cone 10 and is reusable. (12” x12” x 1”).
Gum Solution
A liquefied binder, thickener, suspension and brushing medium agent made of an organic cellulose gum. Also used to increase plasticity of clay bodies.
Darvan #7
A deflocculant that is user friendly because it has a wide deflocculation curve. Does not deteriorate molds as actively as does sodium silicate.
Darvan #811
Similar in use and composition to Darvan #7, but recommended for deflocculating red slips and high iron slips.
Poly 211 An alternative to sodium silicate or dispersal and ideal when deflocculation is affected by the water or the clays within the body. Particularly useful when thick slurries are desired.
Sodium Silicate Liquid “N” brand Sodium Silicate is used as a major deflocculant in preparing slip. It reduces the amount of water needed, therefore reducing shrinkage. This is a pure sodium silicate and must be mixed with water to a 50/50 solution for most casting bodies.
Agent A An additive to slip and moist clay which controls bacteria, mold and fungus growth, hence reducing odor and gas induced pinholing in greenware. The maximum addition to any slip should not exceed 4.5 grams per 100 pounds of dry body. Prices are per pound.
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