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Custom Clay Formulas & Special Order Clays

Matt Long
Mugs by Matt Long
Bottle by Matt Long
“All of these pieces have been made with my porcelain clay body, which is a custom mix made by Laguna Clay. My experience with Laguna Clay has been fantastic! They stock the materials needed to not only run your personal studio, but can accommodate the needs of a university ceramics department. Prices and availability are always competitive with the rest of the market, and most importantly the customer service has been fantastic. Laguna Clay has been making my clay now for 3 years, it costs me less, the quality of the clay is better that I can make myself, and I sure love to see that pallet of clay just set in the studio, no mixer needed!”
-Matt Long

  • Customer Formulated Clays
    We offer custom mixing, moist or dry, of your formula. To prevent any misunderstanding, your formula should be submitted in writing. All customer formulas are kept in confidence, can be received directly even when purchased through a distributor, and will not be made for any other party without your permission. We have a large selection of raw materials which are listed in the Raw Materials section of this catalog. If your formula requires a material we do not carry, we can recommend a suitable substitute, or you may supply the material from a different source. In either case, we cannot accept responsibility for its successful use in the formula. There are some restrictions on materials we are unable to run through our moist clay equipment; these include some stains, extremely coarse grogs, gypsum, fiberglass, nylon fibers, and sewer pipe clay.
  • Laguna Formulas
    Our laboratory will assist and advise you in the formulation of clays, or we will modify Laguna stock clay formulas to meet your specific requirements. (All such formulas remain the property of Laguna Clay Co.)
  • Laguna Discontinued Clays
    We base our selection of stock clays on sales records, but we realize that a discontinued clay may be the “perfect” clay for some of our customers. Most discontinued stock clays are available on a special order basis (see below).
  • Laguna Stock Clays - Special Consistency
    You may Special Order any Laguna stock clay made to your special firmness (one ton increments + one ton minimum). There is a special order charge of $15.00 per ton on orders under 4 tons. Please allow 14 to 21+ days for production.
  • Prices
    The price quoted for your clay formula is based on the current cost of raw materials. Pricing will be adjusted accordingly. If credit is not established with Laguna Clay, payment arrangements must be made in advance.
  • Where to Order
    Custom clays are manufactured at both our Ohio and California facilities and can be ordered at either location. Price comparison often shows Laguna Distributors are able to get you the best price due to more affordable truckload shipping rates. Our experienced technical and order department staff can quickly offer facts to maximize your savings, save your time, and inform your custom order decisions.
  • Minimum Order
    One ton (2000 lbs.) batches. Usually a moist clay formula makes slightly more or less than 2000 lbs. You will be shipped and billed for actual pounds made. Smaller special orders for dry clay are available upon request.
  • Consistency
    We will pug your moist clay as close as possible to the firmness you specify.
  • Order Time
    Custom and special order clays need to be properly integrated into our production schedule. Please allow 14 to 21+ days for production of your special order.
  • Packaging
    Moist clays are packaged in two twenty-five pound plastic bags per 50 lb. box. Dry clays are packaged in 50 lb. paper sacks. Any special packaging request must accompany order and may be subject to an additional charge.
  • Testing
    Special clays are test fired in our laboratory before shipping, and the test fired tile is kept on file for future reference. All clays should be tested in your kiln before using for production, since firing conditions will vary.
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