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Clay Selection Guide & General Clay Information

“Which Clay Should I Use?”
There are numerous decisions to make in selecting the right clay - decisions which are usually aided by experimentation and trial-and-error. However, we have a number of charts and additional information that will help you in selecting a clay, which offers the right temperature and color for oxidation or reduction, the right texture amount, if any, of grog or sand), the right firmness, and the right shrinkage and absorption. Some or all of these factors may be important to you and the project you are creating. If you need additional help in making your decision, call our technical support group at 800-4-LAGUNA or .
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Low Fire Clay
Characteristics &
Traditional Applications
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High Fire Stoneware Clay
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Axner clay boxes
Characteristics &
Traditional Applications
Clay Body Characteristics:
Texture, Firmness, Shrinkage
& Absorption Explained

Warranties & Responsibilities Why does Laguna offer more than 200 different stock clay bodies? Better yet, why does Laguna offer over 200 stock clay bodies and still make HUNDREDS of custom clay bodies every year? Because every single use and every single user of clay - from fine china to roofing tile, form fine art to functional pottery, and from studio artists to manufacturer’s demands the right clay for every specific project. Our goal is to provide you with that right clay. Your satisfaction with Laguna products is our measure of success.
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