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Axner Brand Clay Body

Southeastern Paper Clays

Certified Nontoxic, Conforms to ASTM C-1023/D-4236
Clays are combinable for quantity price breaks.
Please inquire for larger quantity pricing. Click here to request a quote.
Pricing shown is the single 50 pound box price, FOB Oviedo, FL
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EM-750 Wade's Low White Paper Clay Body

$0.746 /lb
WC-951 Sybil's White Stoneware 5 Paper Clay Body

$0.762 /lb
WC-952 Bob's Tile & Sculpture Paper Clay Body

$0.786 /lb
WC-953 Max's White Sculpture/Raku Paper Clay Body

$0.786 /lb

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Chalice-W3-08 - Barbara Sorensen

Chalice W3-08 by Barbara Sorensen made using Paper Clay.
Laguna Clay Company is dedicated to environmental sustainability and uses raw materials available locally when possible. Some of the southeastern paper clays are the same as their western cousins, but some have different names and numbers because local materials are used in the formulations. All are produced in the Midwest to reduce the cost to you and the carbon footprint of our product.

EM-750 Wade's Low White Paper Clay This body fires very white at cone 05 and is a smooth all-purpose body with the addition of paper fiber which makes it best suited for hand building. It provides good workability and drying. This is our original, popular low fire white body with the addition of fine wood fiber.

WC 951 Sybil's White Stoneware 5 Paper Clay This body fires warm off-white at Cone 6 oxidation and is an all-purpose body for throwing and hand building. It has a non-sticky texture and fine wood fiber, with moderate grogged tooth.

WC 952 Bob's Tile & Sculpture Paper Clay is a medium course clay body which exhibits excellent throwing characteristics. This material pulls up well for tall vertical forms without downward creep. Also throws well horizontally holding near flat cantilever flanges on bowls without slumping. The clay both stretches well on big bellied pots and necks as well as on pinch neck bottles. It should be noted that the fine wood fiber content of this clay makes it necessary to reduce the amount of water added to the clay during throwing. Excessive use of water will negate the forming advantages that the fiber produces in this clay. Bob's is also an excellent sculptural body with remarkable resistance to cracks and warps. It is highly grogged with a toasty color. Fires from cone 04 to cone 6.

Max’s Paper Clay (WC953) Fires gray-stony-white in reduction at cone 10, off white at cone 5 oxidation, and bright white at cone 05 (raku). It is a medium textured, low shrinkage body designed for large-scale hand-built sculpture and tile work where thick cross sections (up to 1 inch) are anticipated. Contains a moderate amount of fine and medium mesh grog.

If you have not experienced paper clay, you will find these products liberating. If you have purchased other paper clays you will certainly enjoy our prices, expanded selection, and the excellent handling characteristics of these clays. Amazing green strength aids in safe transport of work and reduces breakage of larger pieces. Water transporting fibers make slip joined dry-to-dry additions successful and also aid to reduce warping and cracking of tiles, slabs and during force drying.

 Southeastern Paper Clays (sorted numerically)
Southeastern Paper Clays
EM-750 Wade's Low White Paper Clay
WC-951 Sybil's White Stoneware 5 Paper Clay
Southeastern Paper Clays (continued)
WC-952 Bob's Tile & Sculpture Paper Clay
WC-953 Max's Paper Clay

Note: Laguna Clays are formulated and categorized to perform as ^06, ^5 and ^10. Most clay can be successfully fired at varying temperatures (1 to 2 cones) above and below their indicated firing ranges. Variables do exist and testing must be done to ensure clay meets an individual’s needs or circumstances.
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