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Egyptian Paste (Cone 06)

Certified Nontoxic, Conforms to ASTM C-1023/D-4236
The original self-glazing clay was developed in ancient Egypt and is available to you as Egyptian Paste. It is ideal for making beads, pendants, buttons, etc. Just add water to the powder to make a thick paste. Shape by hand or press mold. As the piece dries, a powder film comes to the surface. This is the "glaze". A hole must be made in each piece, as firing must be done by suspending the piece on nichrome wire. Laguna Clay offers this product in White and Copper Blue. To color the white Egyptian Paste, oxides may be added but should not exceed 10%.

Product Color 1 lb. 5 lbs. 10 lbs. 50 lbs.
CD-401 White        
CD-402 Copper Blue        
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