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WC-641 Mexo-White Clay
Our mexo products are a great resource
for teaching history, art, science and math.
Your kids will be so happy that they
got to play with clay
"instead of" having a lesson.
No kiln is no problem...Mexo Clays are
made to air dry to a durable, paintable object
which is as strong as Plaster.
Your budget will be happy too...
two resealable 25 pound bags and two
technique instruction pages are in each
economical 50 pound box.
Clean up with clear water.

WC-640 Mexo-Red Clay
WC-641 Mexo-White Clay Project

Laguna Brand Clay Body

Mexo Clays Self-hardening clays

  Certified Nontoxic, Conforms to ASTM C-1023/D-4236
WC-640 Mexo-Red Clay
Mexo Red
$0.885 /lb
WC-641 Mexo-White Clay
Mexo White
$0.883 /lb
(ship FOB California or Ohio)

Self hardening artist clay for school, home, arts and crafts. Safe, multi-purpose and economical. Just like other high quality Laguna stoneware clays, Dry-Hard clays are great for modeling, throwing, sculpting and thousands of crafting and hobby projects. The cure for shrinking school budgets, Dry-Hard’s self-hardening formula saves the hassle and expense of kiln firing, while producing a finished product which dries leather hard in 24 hours and rock hard within several days (actual drying time varies with temperature, humidity and thickness of clay). Decorate with acrylic paints. Must be sealed with a commercial water sealant to waterproof.

WC-640 Mexo-Red WC-641 Mexo-White   50 lb. box  

Please inquire for larger quantity pricing. Click here to request a quote.
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