The Lockerbie, like many of today's potters, was conceived in the 60's.
You will find the original, earth friendly, Lockerbie design
just as groovy today.

Lockerbie Kick Wheel Care Instructions

Basic Lubrication:

Keep your wheel turning for years to come by repeating the following procedures every 4 months for wheels kept outside, every 6 months for heavy (schools, public studios, production) usage wheels and yearly for wheels in normal service.

Top Bearing: Apply a multi-purpose grease a grease gun with a nipple fitting. Laguna Laguna recommends #70614, Lubrimatic or equivalent.
Grease fitting on top bearing of Lockerbie Kick Wheel
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Take out bolt and insert 1 oz. of oil into the kickwheel reservoir
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Bottom Bearing: Use a wrench to remove the access bolt just above the concrete flywheel. Insert one ounce of oil from the provided 2 ounce general lubricating oil bottle, which arrived with your wheel. When finished, turn the bolt until just snug. Be careful, DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN!! The bolt will strip if forced. An oil can with a hose-nozzle or squirt bottle is required to insert oil. Laguna recommends: Husky, Keystone, 3-in-One, or equivalent. The reservoir holds 1 oz. of oil for the kick wheel's bottom bearing. The cover keeps out water and dirt.
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Seat Adjustments:

Up and Down Adjustments:
L Bolts for up and down adjustment for the Lockerbie Kick Wheel's Seat
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Loosen L bolts mounted to seat frame. Pull up or push down to adjust the height. Tighten the bolts. To loosen a seat stuck in one position Use penetrating solvent around the joint. Laguna reccommends: WD-40, Gunk, or Liquid Wrench-Super Lubricant.
Forward/Backward Adjustment:
Two short bolts used for securing the Lockerbie Kickwheel Seat after forward or backward adjustment
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Remove the two short bolts and reposition in seat bar for slight adjustments. Remove short bolts and rotate seat 180 degrees for a large adjustment. Always tighten carefully to avoid injury.

Tilt Adjustment: The tilt adjustment bolts screw up against the seat bars to level or slant the wooden seat.
Seat bar bolts for adjusting the tilt of a Lockerbie Kick Wheel Seat
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